Ambleside Meats

Ambleside MeatsZA Accredited | ZA-380

Wholly owned by a group of pig producers, Ambleside Meats opened in April 2004, to both add value to the farmer’s pigs and have more control over the sale of their livestock. Regular audits by both Abattoir hygiene and animal welfare experts, as well as state officials, ensure an exceptional product with extended shelf life. As well as traceability from farm of origin to retail destination.

All suppliers are required to run their piggeries to the highest standards, and adhere to stringent animal welfare policies. Including the diet fed to the animals as well as medication and supplements. All carcass inspection and grading is performed by Agency for Food Safety (AFS), ensuring the consumer can have complete faith in the meat they eat. ZA Accredited | ZA-380

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