Customer Feedback

“Tx sooooo much, those were the best ribs ever, my hubby was SUPER impressed. Really good quality.” Annie Steele

“Those ribs are fantastic.” Jody Warren

“Ribs were devine, I even tried some. They were so good Bryce had some more this evening.” Michelle Winterburn

“Was away and had porkies from Woolies and Eskort. A complete disappointment when compared to yours. Inedible actually.Don’t change the recipe” Frank Reardon

“Thank-you for the delivery-the sausages are the BEST!” Lee McGraw

“Your pork sausages were absolutely devine!!” Yvonne Bright

“I am happy to have my porkies again, had them for supper and they were delicious.” Kim Ball

“Sausages were nammmmm!” Hendrina Meyer

“I was so impressed with the Pork sausages Cath made from your supply, and if all your meats are as tasty….just wait for our next order. I am also intrigued by your surname….it puts a slight smile on ones face. I am so curious what nation Luffingham is and I can fully understand why the name of the shop…..ideal !!! Keep up the good work.” Leon Booysen

“I thought I would email you and tell you how great the Pork is! My mom says the bacon bones are the best she has ever cooked with, she made a huge pot of barley soup with the bacon bones and says they are amazing. I made stuffed Pork fillets last week, and my boyfriend is asking for more??!! LOL, really good quality Pork, we are loving “Loving Hams” Claire Natrans

“Pork Loin Roast Bev ordered last month was divine soft and tender and Debby has already used the Bacon Bits and loved them. Ursula says once you have tasted Loving Hams bacon you won’t enjoy from anywhere else.” Dawn Mahne

“We put the Kassler’s to the test last night and pleased to report that they have met with the Hogg stamp of approval.” Roger Hogg

“We had a braai last night,……the Kassler chops were orgasmic, to die for, lovely size, meaty and the taste “moothle gakulu!” Benny Jonker

“It’s so nice to know that we are going to eat lekke porkies, and not this stuff from the shop that tastes like Sawdust, as my Dad says.” Lindi Molver

“The best piggy products in Port Natal- stunning sausages, beautiful old fashioned bacon, rib smacking rashers and crackling roasts. We have been buying from Michelle of Loving Hams for the past 5 years and won’t buy anywhere else.” ‘The Dawsons’

“I have been ordering my pork from Lovinghams for about two years now. I have found the service to be of the highest standard, my deliveries are always on time. I enjoy receiving the specials via e mail on a regular basis and find that they are always really good value.
I have found that the product of lovinghams to be of an exceptionally high quality and am always pleased to receive the very freshest of meat. What a pleasure to have discovered this wonderful service of fresh deliveries to my doorstep.
Well done Michelle! All the best going forward!” Penny Herman

“Your roast neck was DELICIOUS, had it over the weekend, made the most wonderful crackling!!!!!” Jessica Hallgren

“More love, more pig, more flavour and less cereal. Simply the best pork sausages in South Africa. Just good honest pigs…. no tricks from the farm to your plate natural pork, the way I love it more pig, less swill”- Darren Reardon, Pig Lover, Johannesburg

“My brother no speak with pork tongue 😉 All the products we have bought, and no Michelle we don’t own a restaurant it is all for personal consumption, from bellies and whole piglets to mince and the heavenly pork sausages are of a consistently superior quality that never fails to delight. I have been a converted Loving Hams fan for 3 years next month and no longer buy from anyone else” Frank Reardon, Vegan, Durban

“We had a taste last night and loved it!” Seokhee Won

“We love our pork hamper, Vic got so excited he packed Dave’s order into our deep freeze as well as ours. Now he has to unpack it and return it to Dave…..Vic is devastated. Dave has called him a pig thief.” Lynette Lott