Peak Trout

Peak TroutAs every concerned mother about her child’s future, Simon’s mother once asked him what he would like to be when he grew up.
“A professional fly fisherman” answered Simon. Back in the ’80s this was hardly considered a profession and his worried mom tried to persuade Simon that he should choose professions such as a doctor, accountant or lawyer to pursue. As much as Simon appreciated his mom’s concern and suggestions, he did not budge and today he is one of those fortunate enough to live his dream, where his greatest passion pays the bills. Simon’s love for fish and fishing passed onto his wife and cousin as well and the three managed to borrow enough money to start up their own business. Buying the previous business and leasing the trout farm at Cathedral Peak Hotel, the three started “The Peak Trout Story” in 2012, after gaining over 7 years of experiences beforehand.

Peak Trout, today, is a story of unspoiled nature as the farm’s location is deep in the Cathedral Peak mountain escarpment and fed with pure and clean rain water by the uMlambonja river. It is a story of deep passion for fish farming and fishing, as trout farming is one of the most intense forms of farming. We love and care for every single fish for a whole year before they go on sale at our table market, and sometimes even two years before we release them into their new habitats in local dams.

We cater for two markets. One is distribution of live trout to just over 400 dams, from Free State to Eastern Cape, but focusing mainly on KwaZulu Natal. The other, much recent one, is processing of trout to be eaten by people as that perfectly delicious and healthy meal.

“Peak Trout” table fish is first grown by the Peak Trout team in pristine waters running through the Cathedral Peak Hotel property. Each trout is then carefully processed, packed and distributed by Loving Hams Meats. Trout can only survive in water that is cold enough and clean from impurities. These conditions make trout a protein-rich food, filled with amino acids.

At Peak Trout we strive to produce only the best table trout product. We use 100 % natural feed sources with no chemically modified or artificial additives. Trout are then processed in a top of the range, newly built abattoir at Ambleside Meats, meeting the highest of standards and regulations. Our products are then sold in either shops or to restaurants / catering companies.

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