Loving Hams

The Luffingham Legacy

Loving HamsHe arrived in Durban in 1931 on a Royal Enfield Motorbike with a suitcase and a tenner in his trousers.

Geoffrey Luffingham proceeded to Cedarville. Here he worked in a piggery for Bunny Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin’s cousin. Five years later he bought Riverside Farm in Winterton. He started pig farming, and dutifully walked his pigs from the farm to the local railways to be transported to Eskort Bacon Factory. My grandfather was a respected member of the community who was instrumental in planting the avenue of London planes now lining the entrance to Winterton.

In 1968, his son, Nigel took over the running of the farm. He grew the farm from an 85 to a 680-sow piggery at its peak. Nigel slaughtered his own pigs via a pig abattoir in Glencoe, and marketed them in KZN, OFS and as far afield as Cape Town. This was a pioneering achievement for this time. In the 1980’s he invented Superdeck – a pig flooring system made of polypropylene for farrowing and weaners. In September 2010, Nigel planted 425 trees along the other three arteries leading into Winterton.

His son Lance took over the running of the farm in 1998. Wholly owned by a group of pig producers, Ambleside Meats was opened in April 2004, to both add value to the farmer’s pigs and have more control over the sale of their livestock. Abattoir hygiene and animal welfare experts and state officials make regular audits. This ensures an exceptional product with extended shelf life, as well as traceability from farm of origin to retail destination.

Located on Ambleside Farm, Loving Hams Meats was opened in 2006. We offer a full basket of products from pork sausages to bacons, cold meats, gammons and primal cuts. We also produce customized products geared towards our specific clients needs and made exclusively to order. A state of the art processing facility combined with traditional manufacturing techniques, and 100% product traceability ensure quality products and service to our varied clientele.

Loving Hams is aptly derived from our family surname, Luffingham.
 We are pork producers hailing from humble but proud beginnings in Winterton,
 KwaZulu-Natal. Our success lies in the pride of our heritage, and our commitment to a quality product in combination with excellent customer service.

Loving Hams – local is lekker!

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